About Us

We provide:

  • professional, friendly service
  • easy-to-use websites
  • cost-effective internet solutions for small to medium businesses
  • on-going support and help desk facilities
  • accessible website help to voluntary organisations
  • an enjoyable experience for us and you to make life easier

Richard Wallace – WWDaD Manager

Richard Wallace has over 14 years experience in the online learning and web design business.

Having worked as a lecturer at TAFE SA for many years, and conducting hundreds of Moodle training sessions for organisations and at conferences around the world, Richard is well aware of the importance of well developed, high quality, concise and engaging online content.  This is reflected in the many course that WWDaD has built over the years for organisations ranging from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Dry Cleaning Institure of Australia, Bridgestone Australia and many others.

WWDaD develops,  designs, maintains and hosts numerous Moodle sites for small, medium and large organisations in Australia, the U.S., and Canada.  He has presented several papers on educational topics at conferences and training sessions, including the North American Moodle Conference in Edmonton and Vancouver .

Richard specializes in helping companies move their employee training and induction materials online. He helps companies assess and track status and compliance.